Various - U.S. Express - 1990's Video Art (2005)

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1. THE 90's
Tom Weinberg & Joel Cohen 55:30 1989-1992/2003
THE 90’s was an eclectic camcorder videozine series of 52 one-hour shows, broadcast
nationally on PBS from 1989 to 1992. In addition to being a variety show of video art styles,
it focused on the sub-cultures and alternate cultures that are rarely seen on TV. It was
produced by Tom Weinberg, Joel Cohen and more than 300 talented independent video
makers, video artists and camcorder reporters.
This specially edited episode focuses on the role of video in our lives and features a variety
of camcorder report styles. Twenty-eight short segments include: Philo T. Farnsworth (an
inventor of television); President Lyndon Johnson’s 1968 home video; Suzi Wehling’s
portrait of Broadside TV in Tennessee; Cherokee poet Charles Burrell; Blading Report:
Chicago Streets; the astounding street dance group House-O-Matics; Phil Morton’s
Yellowstone News: Ice Fishing; Nancy Cain’s Surf Report: Hare Krishna fest; a touching
conversation with Erika Becker and her Dad Eddie Becker; Wired In: Dan Sandin; Todd
Alcott: Television; an excerpt from Antonio Muntadas’ Video Is Television?; Mule Diving
Animal Rights Controversy; Your Tape Here: Boy with a Microphone by Bill Stamets;
Microphone Technique by R. D. Rosen; Ben Hollis’ Mystery Tour #1; Skip Blumberg’s
Personal Shopper; a Public Service Announcement by Laurie Anderson; Attack of the
Flying Logos by Gregory MacNicol; Global TV: Video in the Villages by Vincent Carelli;
Bungee Jump by Patrick Creadon and Randy Jaffe; and others.
Executive Producer Tom “Score” Weinberg and Producer Joel Cohen are TV and
multimedia producers. Weinberg expedited many of the most important broadcast TV
series and shows in video art history. He was a co-founder of TVTV, Fund for Innovative TV,
and the Center for New TV; executive producer and co-editor of the spectacular
performance art event Media Burn; and executive producer of many TV series including
THE 90’s, Image Union, It’s A Living, Radio Faces, Weekend TV, Chicago Slices, and Wired

2. Host
Kristin Lucas 7:30 1997
Lucas blends video game imagery and live action in an ironic story about computer
dependency. The protagonist expresses her frustration to tech support, or is it a cyber-
therapist? “Ever since the power outage that we had on Thursday I’ve been feeling outside
of my self, kind of depressed… not only did the computer shut down but so did I.” Kristin
Lucas is an exciting artist who makes videos, installations and performances that are
anecdotal, mysterious and dramatic. They’ve been exhibited at festivals in Mexico City,
Montreal, New York and San Francisco; the Whitney Museum Biennial, New York; the 7e Semaine Internationale de Video, Geneva, Switzerland; Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam; and
at Dunedin Public Gallery, New Zealand.

3. Summer, or Grief
Mary Lucier 7:30 1998
Mary Lucier’s videotapes invite contemplation. She uses light to signify transcendence and
evoke the sublime. In Summer, or Grief, she has composed a landscape where stillness,
ordinary things, and summer’s warmth itself seem to absorb grief, and to relax its grip on
the heart. Lucier began working in video in the late 1970s after investigating photography,
performance and sculpture. Her highly acclaimed multi-monitor installations and single
channel tapes have been exhibited at the Capp Street Project, San Francisco; Museum of
Contemporary Art, Los Angeles; the Whitney Museum Biennial, New York; Stedelijk
Museum, Amsterdam; Artspace, Sydney; and Walker Art Center, Minneapolis. Lucier was
selected as "One of the ten artists to watch in the '90s" by ARTnews magazine.

4. Todd Alcott: Living in Flames
Skip Blumberg 3:45 1992
Performance artist Todd Alcott assumes a character who rants about his frenzied life in
the metropolis. “I can't do one thing at a time anymore; I have to do two things… It’s like I
have to be two and a half times myself just to keep up." Is it New York, or is it just him?

5. ConCreep
Skip Blumberg 4:30 1995
On LoBro (lower Broadway) in the Soho (south of Houston) district of New York City, a
camcorder reporter’s chance encounter with a street performer, a virtuoso home-
appliance-parts percussionist, is cut short by the NYC Police Department. Skip Blumberg
has produced several hundred camcorder reports for THE 90s, Signal-to-Noise, Inside
Space, National Geographic TV and as an independent producer.

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