Free Walking & In The Weather publications

This torrent contains publications made by Free Walking(Bonnie Fortune & various contributors) and In The Weather( Melinda Fries, Bonnie Fortune & various contributors). The italic text below is written by the artist's.

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Free Walking is about going on walks, together or alone. It functions as an ongoing project to explore time outside. Like all cultural work it is a form of entertainment. The walks tend to be designed or lead by someone with a local knowledge that they have accumulated either through research or through their day to day experience of a place. At the center of Free Walking activity is Bonnie Fortune. In early 2004, with a group of friends, she initiated conversations about making walks together. The experiences that have come from this have been rewarding ones and have brought us into contact with new friends and new ideas, so we continue or exploration. To read some of the writing from the Free Walking zines section of this website, where we also have PDFs available for download. will continue to develop as a public documentation of walks and projects.

In The Weather, self-guided walking tours.

A map of a walk records the memory of a singular experience. The map provides a route; when directions given by another are followed, the route becomes a path. Walking becomes an exploration of the city at once private and shared.

Melinda Fries and Bonnie Fortune share an interest in exploratory walking and have collaborated as In The Weather since 2004. This year we published In the Weather self-guided walks/Chicago, which includes walking directions by 16 Chicagoans. The booklet is dispensed freely at 10 locations throughout Chicago.

In 2005 we decided to collect walks from around the world, with the In The Weather website being the result. We'd love for you to participate and share the memory of a walk, a favorite walk, or a walk you'd like to take.

I found the publications by Free Walking here, and the publications by In The Weather right here.

A similar project can be found in Denmark, it's called Gå Afstand(walking distance) and can be found here.

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Temporary Services' booklets

I've downloaded all the free booklets by Temporary Services and uploaded them to demonoid and thepiratebay.

For information about Temporary Services, go to their website. A list(where i downloaded them) of all their booklets can be found here.

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N55 Publication's

This torrent contains a few publications made by N55. You can find a complete list of the publications they made during the years, right here.

You can get the publications at demonoid(as i wrote earlier, leave a comment if you want an invite) and thepiratebay.


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Paul Virilio, The Vision Machine

Paul Virilio is one of the most significant French cultural theorists writing today. Increasingly hailed as the inventor of concepts such as 'dromology' (the 'science' of speed), Virilio is renowned for his declaration that the logic of acceleration lies at the heart of the organization and transformation of the modern world. However, Virilio's thought remains much misunderstood by many postmodern cultural theorists. In this article, and supporting the ground-breaking work of Arthur and Marilouise Kroker, I shall evaluate the contribution of Virilio's writings by suggesting that they exist beyond the terms of postmodernism and that they should be conceived of as a contribution to the emerging debate over 'hypermodernism'. Consequently, the article details Virilio's biography and the theoretical context of his work before outlining the essential contributions Virilio has made to contemporary cultural theory. In later sections an appraisal of Virilio's hypermodernism, together with a short evaluation of the controversies surrounding Virilio's work, will be provided before the conclusion.

A challenging survey of the technologies of perception, production and dissemination of images throughout history by one of France’s leading contemporary intellectuals, Paul Virilio.

Surveying art history as well as the technologies of war and urban planning, Virilio provides us with an introduction to a new ‘logistisc of the image’.

From the era of painting, engraving and architecture culminating in the 18th century, the history of ‘regimes of the visual’ shifted with the intervention of the photogram(photography and cinematography) in the 19th century. The latest era starts with videography, holography and infographics, turning the dissolution of modernity into a generalized logic of public representations.

Virilio’s book offers the most provocative account of the history of ‘seeing’ to date and could revolutionise the way we periodise not only art history but ‘social existence’ itself.

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Just to make it clear, it is not illegal to refer to these files, it is illegal to download them, which i of course, havent done.

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N55 book and a Let's Re-Make Publication.

N55's book, is the first file in here, that really states what i want to use this site for. When i use various filesharing archive's as thepiratebay, demonoid, mininova and secret-cinema, i sometimes know what i am looking for. But in many cases i am just browsing the archive's to stumble upon new and unexpected knowledge. This specific thing, is what i find beatifull about filesharing. It changes the whole way i think about knowledge, and how i make use of it.

N55's book is absolutely free.

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Let's Re-Make is a collaborative project between Bonnie Fortune and Brett Bloom.

Introduction to The Library of Radiant Optimism for Let's Re-Make the World:

We started the library as way to gather, look at, and catalog a groundswell of optimistic and visionary activities in the late 1960s and early 1970s.
We had discussions about the similarities between a handful of books we knew of, and the culture of Mess Hall, an experimental cultural center in Chicago
that we have both been active in for over three years. Mess Hall is organized around an \"economy of generosity,” freely sharing information and materials.
The books are important precursors to Mess Hall, embracing the grass roots exchange of information and themes of self and community empowerment.
These books are written from the counter-culture. Their authors were interested in communicating their direct experience as it related to their experitments
for living in harmony with the natural landscape, building sustainable communities, and so on. We were excited to read about practical applications of
optimistic ideas for radical change, and to continue putting our own ideas into this tradition.

There are parallels between the cultural and political climate of the 1970s and current global conditions. However, we feel that an important difference
is in the absence of a massive counter-cultural movement for change. We face many of the same problems – large-scale ideological wars, energy crises,
environmental devastation, destructive global capitalism and more. The hopeful quality of these books encourages us in developing a movement of our own,
in the form of how-to manuals with the explicit intent of building a new society of optimistic resistance. This gives us hope as we go through our experiments;
some things will not work, but the diversity of investigations in living creatively means that more possibilities for intelligent solutions will appear.

We will add these and more books from around the world, and our own projects to the history, and are currently looking for similar books and projects in Denmark.

I have uploaded Let's Re-Make's first publication to demonoid and thepiratebay as well.

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