Martin Sastre - The Iberoamerican Trilogy (2005)

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Martin Sastre was born in Montevideo in 1976 and lives in Madrid. In the last four years Sastre has become one of the most known video artists from South America, having participated in the XXVI Bienal de Sao Paulo, Brazil 2004 and the VIII Bienal de la Habana, Cuba 2003. His most recent solo shows include: 'Diana Lives', Grande Scuola di San Teodoro, Rialto Venecia, Italy; 'Martin Sastre, American As Well' Site Gallery, Sheffield and Stills Gallery Edinburgh, UK, and 'The Iberoamerican Trilogy', Art in General, New York.He is the honorary President of The Martin Sastre Foundation for the Super Poor Arta web-based project to build a new South American Art Field.

The Iberoamerican Trilogy is an ironic and humorous commentary on the international art scene, from the eyes of a Latin American artist trying to establish himself in the mainstream art world. The Iberoamerican Trilogy recounts the future of the planet beginning with the fall of Hollywood and the creation of a new order – the Iberoamerican Axis. When the world finally becomes known by its real name: The Third World.

Part 1> Videoart: The Iberoamerican Legend (2002) is a high-art history lesson, in which Sastre blames the death of video art on Matthew Barney – and claims a profitable afterlife for himself. With the aim of restructuring the grand narratives & their audiences, Martin Sastre begins by presenting a frozen narrator from the end of time. The Iberoamerican Legend is the story of a Latin American who tells true lies and exhibits a handful of bizarre fetish / cult objects for an era that doesn’t know what to worship anymore.

Part 2> Montevideo: The Dark Side of The Pop (2004) set in the year 2092 follows a teenage prodigy who is sent to Montevideo by the ‘European Centre of Intelligence,’ to find out the secret behind Martin Sastre’s success. As everybody knows behind every success there is always a secret, a pact. In following the route of this Uruguayan artist the teenage investigator discovers a deserted capital city, a forgotten place in far South America that could be hiding more than a simple secret of success, an occidental experiment that could be a vision of the future European Union.

Part 3> Bolivia: The American Videoclip (2004) recounts the Iberoamerican era: the third world in the year 2792, soon after the natural disasters unleashed by the wars for natural resources, when the world was divided into large political blocks: BOLIVIA: The Iberoamerican Confederation of Nations; CHINORUSSIA: The The Chinorussian Empire with its twin capitals of Moscow and Beijing; INDIA: The Kingdom of India; The African Economic Community: Including its European colonies; Sub America: Small independent republics without natural resources which were previously part of the United States of America. And other smaller countries including – The KINGDOM OF ENGLAND; The PRINCIPALITY OF SWITZERLAND; The HELLO KITTY EMPIRE: The former Japanese Empire; The KYLIE and MURIEL ISLANDS: previously known as Australia.

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