Laika(2005) by Kristjan Zaklynsky

I found the work by Kristjan Zaklynsky on my way through various online archives yesterday. I love when people distribute their own work through the peer to peer networks, more people should definently start doing this.

Kristjan writes:

This was my first experiment with stop motion animation and I kind of went all the way. I took something like 7000 photographs in two weeks when I was staying at my friend's house in New York and at my parents' place in Newport, RI. There's no narrative here, just a lot of things I found in the house moving around like crazy. I made a randomly modulating squarewave drone with lots of reverb for the soundtrack. Enjoy.

A few stills from the movie:

I will add another video by Kristjan one of the following days along with some information about him.

You can contact Kristjan at 'kristjanz AT'.

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