Beyond Green: Toward a Sustainable Art

Balancing environmental, ethical, economic, and aesthetic concerns, sustainable design has the potential to transform everyday life and has already dramatically reshaped the practice of architecture. Beyond Green introduces a new generation of international artists who work at the intersection of sustainable design and contemporary art.

The book explores the ways that this design strategy is being used – and sometimes intentionally misused – by an emerging group of artists who combine fresh aesthetic sensibilities with constructively critical approaches to the production, dissemination, and display of their art. Lavishly illustrated, the book also includes texts by and interviews with individual artists, along with substantial essays by exhibition curator Stephanie Smith and design historian Victor Margolin. What results is a bracing volume that will be of interest to practitioners and aficionados of design and art alike, as well as to environmentalists.

Artists involved:
Allora & Calzadilla
Free Soil
Learning Group
Brennan McGaffey in Collaboration with Temporary Services
Nils Norman
People Powered
Dan Peterman
Marjetica Potrc
Michal Rakowitz
Frances Whitehead
Andrea Zittel

Download the book at Smart Museum of Art or support(they do need it) the filesharing networks at demonoid or thepiratebay.


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