Piero Golia - Killer Shrimps (2004)

Original format: 16:9 DV video
Duration: 75 minutes

Pool side at a ranch style house in the canyons of Los Angeles two film-makers and their crew are filming a documentary about a young director. An interesting exploration into the ambitions and expectations of a rising star. Going back and forth in between different realities and possible futures, the arrival of a peculiar food delivery will open their experience to an alternative world populated with hallucinations. This sets the stage for the mother of all gorefests, as the two directors and their crew end up as characters in the eternal battle against evil creatures.

Director's comment

In Killer Shrimps the boundaries between reality and fiction are pushed so far they almost disappear, the real becomes unreal and the fictive becomes plausibly authentic. Concerning the proposition of a new technique of filmmaking: instead of the traditional reproduction of reality with the use of convincing sets or a lifelike shooting style, we decided to execute this movie by forcing reality to become fiction, by pushing the actual to become similar to what ought to be considered artificial. All the usual categories of realism, time and space, get lost in the name of a bigger general category, ìthe unreal. The actual film will be a sort of behind-the-scenes view of a documentary that was never executed. Going back and forth in time, the usual linearity of this dimension becomes elliptical to the point that it almost disappears or becomes unrecognizable. This creates different certainties and a variety of possible futures, until expectations and fears appear as something physical, opening up the possibility of experiencing an alternate world populated with zombies.

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