Jeremy Blake - The Fourty Million Dollar Beatnik (2000)

Jeremy Blake has added dimension to his 'script' (series of scripted drawings) 'The Fourty Million Dollar Beatnik' by collaborating with British Techno star Neil Landstrumm on a soundtrack album. Landstrumm's own heavy, mechanized beats and hallucinatory atmospherics, are expertly mixed with Blake's lyrics-as well as samples derived from be-bop and bootlegged celebrity interviews-to establish the perfect audio compliment to the script. Musician Mike Fellows formerly of The Royal Trux, and The Silver Jews, joins Landstrumm on this limited edition LP/CD. - Pork Salad Press

1. Blue Suede Shoes
2. Falling Everything
3. Fourty Million Speaks
4. The Destructive Character
5. Dayquil Into Nyquil
6. Cocaine Poets

Available at KaraGarga or Pork Salad Press.

at 1:39 PM