Ryan Trecartin - A Family Finds Entertainment (2004)

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From the New York Underground Film Festival website:

"Entertainment is easy… Fuck! I’m so ugly!"

Ladies and Gentlemen, prepare to meet the experimental people and ready yourself for "IDM up the rear end! But be careful listening… it’s very influential."

Directed/Edited/Starring experimental person Ryan Trecartin, AFFE is a fucked up digital bedtime story that indulges a drag-queen-dress-up-twist on the classic coming out melodrama. In this world, populated by about 50 of Trecartin’s outrageously costumed friends, every moment and sound is electronically manipulated or processed, and performances seem to be fueled by an Alice-in-Wonderland type drug that accelerates (and often reverses) every character’s movement. It’s like the internet, but it is SO HONEST.

"I believe that somewhere there is something worth dying for, and I think it’s AMAZING!"

Meet Skippy, a depressed suicidal "teen" who locks himself in a bathroom with face-paint, a Polaroid camera and a knife. Desperately in search of an identity—any identity—Skippy has settled on suicide as a solution. But after a failed attempt, he receives a message in a seashell telling him "Skippy, don’t do it!" and immediately leaves home to embrace a newfound queer life. It’s a revelation, a celebration, "Ye-ah!"

"You’re so revolutionary!"

Meet Shin, a self-absorbed but charming hipster princess who leads a gang of her brethren in pursuit of the "random" lifestyle.

"We are so unpredictable!"

And other bizarrely fabricated (We made these kids on PhotoShop) hyper conscious hipsters including a ‘boys’ club where the men are so manly their dicks always hurt, and a cat named Murder on the Dance Floor.

In this world, the only dark side is to party alone.

An interview with Trecartin about it can be found here.

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