William Kentridge - Selected Animations (1989 - 1997)

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Johannesburg, 2nd Greatest City after Paris (1989)
Monument (1990)
Mine (1991)
Sobriety, Obesity and Growing Old (1991)
Felix in Exile (1994)
History of the Main Complaint (1996)
Weighing.and Wanting (1997)

Although influential in South Africa, the Johannesburg-based Kentridge was relatively unknown to the global arts community until 1997, when he achieved widespread recognition for his work included in Doucmenta X in Kassel, Germany as well as the Havana and Johannesburg Biennals. Since this time, his work has been exhibited extensively in many of the world's most prestigious arts institutions and festivals including the Institute of Contemporary Art in London, the Museum of Modern Art in New York, and the Centres Georges Pompodou in Paris, the Edinburgh Film Festival, Annecy Animation Festival and the Venice Biennale, all of which have screened films from the Eckstein series.

Described as 'the most celebrated artist to emerge from South Africa in the post-apartheid era' (Village Voice), Kentridge's powerful films - born from the complex social and historical realities of his homeland - explore the passing of time, the traces that remain and the memory that events, beings and objects leave when we close our eyes on the past.

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