Peter Fischli & David Weiss - Der rechte weg aka The right way (1983)

In The Right Way a bear and a rat – the artists reusing the rather shoddy costumes from their film Der geringste Widerstand (The Least Resistance, which i hope to post soon) (1981) – explore dark forests, treacherous ravines and snow-swept glaciers. With no real aim in mind, the bear and the rat bungle along in a folk tale of their own devising, wondering what they should do and where they should go, enjoying nature together, foraging for sustenance, getting lost, squabbling, joking and making music along the way. Both monumental and intimate, serious and hilarious, The Right Way suggests how any way – whether straight, crooked or both – may be made into the right one.

English, french and spanish subtitles included.

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at 12:36 PM