Ken Adams - Strange Attractor (2003)

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Trippy psychedelic graphics, weird techno storyline, November 8, 2003
Reviewer: A viewer (Hoboken, NJ USA)

Truly amazing! Better than Alien Dreamtime, but in the same vein. The graphics are even better, and the music is compelling even without Stephen Kent on didgeridu. What this one has that AD lacks is a storyline with characters. If you're familiar with Terrence McKenna's writings, you'll have no trouble figuring out what "blue apple" really is!

Psychedelic experience, September 26, 2003
Reviewer: zap (Austin, Tx US of A) - See all my reviews

very interesting... Lady Miss Kier (of Dee-Lite fame) makes a groovy and bizarre appearance. great CGI stuff here, plus an interesting storyline that weaves in and out of the graphics. philosophical, makes you think...

Neo-psychedelia at its finest. - Patrick Sanders, Movie Mania

An experience that viscerally demonstrates, in
sight and sound, the phenomenal power of the psychedelic imagination and eroticizes intelligence. - Robyn Sean Peterson

One of the most meaningful projects to come out of the Rave culture thus far.... frequently stunning visual mélange. - Alternative Press

Rose X's relentless image mutation is the richest, most nuanced motion picture psychedelia this reviewer has ever seen with his eyes open. - City Pages

... transcends the historical and the anthropological...stretch psychedelic computer effects to new limits. - R.U. Sirius in Wired

Rose X is using the same techniques explored by techno/electronica and applying them to film.

...The psychedelic imagination is on the rise and computers are providing the sounds and images for the journey. - Interview with Rose X in Fringecore Magazine

Terence McKenna, Lady Miss Kier of Deee*Lite, Britt Welin, Ken Adams

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