HC Gilje, Kurt Ralske & Lukasz Lysakowski - 242 Pilots: Live in Bruxelles (2002)

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242.pilots are hc gilje, (norway), kurt ralske, (usa), and lukasz lysakowski, (poland), three video artists and a revolving set of musicians who perform collaboratively. Using their own custom software, 242.pilots improvise rich, layered video works in real-time (both as a group and as individuals). Improvising as a group, the members respond and interact with each other's images in a subtle and intuitive way, images are layered, contrasted, merged, and transformed.

The interplay and unspoken communication between the artists is akin to a free jazz ensemble. The end product is a 'visual conversation': a quasi-narrative exploring degrees of abstraction; a mesmerizing immersive journey through diverse landscapes.

The New York Times praised their work as "a compelling, intruiging alliance of sound and motion". Since their inception in 2001, 242.pilots have performed at museums, galleries and theaters throughout Europe, Canada, and USA, including the Montreal Museum of Contemporary Art, Impakt Festival in Utrecht, NL, and the Bilbao Guggenheim Museum.

The 242.pilots DVD "Live in Bruxelles" received the Image Award at Transmediale.03 International Media Art Festival in Berlin, February 2003

This DVD is a live recording of the 242.pilots performance at le petit theatre mercelis at the invitation of iMAL in brussels, Belgium on 22.2.2002. the DVD contains a recording of the group performance, three solo pieces, and an interview.

It received the Image Award at Transmediale 2003. The jury statment: «The work is convincing above all in the play of collective live production, the presentation mode of large-scale image production, the contextualisation of live images in the scope of a contemporary image culture and the development of specific technological production tools as well as their distribution. The combined introduction of all of these “production strands” in the space of a collective process finally relativises the still prevalent myth of the image as a form of subjective and subjectcentered activity. 242.pilots through their work, translate in a thoroughly convincing manner the multifarious aspects of image production under the conditions of digital, interactive and network-based media.»

242.pilots real-time video performances

___A selection of performances :

Guggenheim, Bilbao 03.04
mutek,montreal. 05.03
The American Museum of Moving Image, New York City 05.03
selfware.Graz. 04.03
Cornell University,04.03
Transmediale .Berlin .02.03
Podewil .Berlin .11.02
Ultima Festival .Oslo .10.02
Taktlose Festival .Bern .09.02
Galapagos .New York City .06.02
Xl Centre Culturel .Brussels .02.02
Transmediale .Berlin .02.02
Kunstlerhaus .Dortmund .02.02
LAB .Copenhagen .02.02
Museum of Contemporary Art .Montreal .10.01
Impakt Festival .Utrecht .10.01
Steim Institute .Amsterdam .10.01
Off-Corso .Rotterdam .10.01

___Screenings :

computer music days, Hong Kong. 10.03
Transmediale .Berlin .02.03
exploding cinema, seattle. 05.02
European Media Arts Festival, Osnabrueck. 04.02

___The format of 242.pilots performance :

1st half of the performance is a series of solos from Gilje, Ralske and Lysakowski.
Each pilot provides his own music, usually as part of a simultaneous audio-video

2nd half is a trio: the video output from each pilot is layered or combined into one

seamless whole. Music for the trio section is provided by a guest musician.

Total performance time: 1 hour 20 minutes.

This format of presentation allows the audience to absorb each pilots's distinct

style, and to compare and contrast them. Then, the component elements of the
trio mix are then more easily discernable and enjoyable.

The trio performance is accompanied by electronic music, also improvised live.
242.pilots live musical collaborators have included:

Justin Bennett (UK)

Tordis Berstrand (Denmark)
Tim Hecker (Canada)

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