Olga Neuwirth - Lost Highway (2007)

Lost Highway is a composition that decidedly lives from the transformation of physical spaces, diverse inner and outer spaces, into sound spaces. In performance, this is achieved through various, three-dimensional sound projections, which surround the audience with playing, live-electronics, and virtual acoustics, resulting in different experiential relationships from within and without, close by, and from a distance. The illustrations of these sound spaces and notes naturally are only an attempt to approach the experience in the theater. Fortunately, the possibilities of surround-techniques have come to our aid, which envelop the listener with alternating, overlaying sound-strata. Thus, the present production was intended to be mixed for 5.1 surround.

Olga Neuwirth participates in Documenta12 with a work called '…miramondo multiplo…'. The piece consists of a video along with various bits of sound, which fills the somewhat intimate room at Neue Gallerie. Screenshot from the video below.

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at 9:30 PM