EMAF 2006: Stories Behind the Screen (2002-2005)

The collection Stories Behind the Screen presents ten videos from European media artists, which tell stories in a variety of ways that differ from the kind of story-telling we are used to from Hollywood. Most of the videos work without language or text, putting their visual effect into foreground. They show new, interesting and some very entertaining approaches in the international media art scene.

They were shown at the European Media Art Festival (EMAF) in Osnabrück, Germany, in spring 2006.
The European Media Art Festival (EMAF) is one of the most extensive media art events world-wide. As a forum for international media art, the EMAF presents films, videos, performances, multimedia installations and digital media.


1. Nummer Twee | NL | 2003 | 03:03
Realisation: Guido van der Werve
Performer: Guido van der Werve, Magnus Logi Kristensson, Will Trumpie, Margie Oosten, Marloes Meents, Celine Kraal, Rachel Meibergen, Zunaira Choudry
Choreograph: Elisabeth Lambeck
Camera, Light: Ben Geraerts
Sound: Casper Lambeck
Photographer, Focus: Willem K. van der Jagt
Distribution: Netherlands Media Art Institute – Montevideo, Amsterdam

When Guido van der Werve is hit by a car in Nummer Twee, it’s not unusual for dancing ballerinas to take their leave of him.

2. Light Body Corpuscules | B | 2004 | 06:26
Realisation: Antonin De Bemels, Gordon Delap
Concept, photography, editing: Antonin De Bemels
Dancers: Melanie Munt, Ugo Dehaes
Electro-acoustic composition: Gordon Delap
Lighting design: Laurence Halloy
Distribution: Antonin De Bemels

The body of light in Antonin de Bemels’ and Gordon Delap’s video Light Body Corpuscles is a play with light, enabling the discovery of a real body.

3. Safety Tips for Kids | GB | 2003 | 5:12
Realisation: Roz Mortimer
Distribution: Wonderdog Productions, London

Newspaper articles about the disappearance of English children are the starting point of a critical discussion about abuse and the dependence of charges in Roz Mortimer’s Safety Tips For Kids.

4. Hanoi | GB | 2004 | 03:47
Realisation: Lucia Helenka
Script: based on a text by Marguerite Duras
Narration: Catherine Deneuve
Distribution: Lucia Helenka

While Hanoi by Lucia Helenka is an enigmatic and slowly invasive journey to the heart, Calling 911 by Jan de Bruin deals with the idea of reality in the American society.

5. Calling 911 | NL | 2004 | 06:06
Realisation & Distribution: Jan de Bruin

6. Living a Beautiful Life | D | 2003 | 13:21
Realisation: Corinna Schnitt
Performer: Diana Imber, Michael Gianelli
Found Footage: >Der Katzenprinz<, Defa-Film, 1970
Camera: Philipp Lachenmann, May Rigler
Sound: Jens Brand
Light: Philipp Schmitz, Detlef Issel

It can be suspected from Corinna Schnitt’s Living a Beautiful Life that there is more than meets the eye to the depicted intact American family.

7. L'Axe du Mal / Axis of Evil | CDN/F | 2003 | 04:36
Realisation: Pascal Lièvre
Distribution: Vidéographe, Canada

The Axis of Evil is the subject of Pascal Lièvre’s music video of the same name.

8. Optimizer Customizer | NL | 2002 | 12:09
Realisation: Jan van Nuenen
Concept, photography, editing: Jan van Nuenen
Sound: Jan van Nuenen, Martijn van den Berg
Music: Martijn van den Berg

In the animated work Optimizer Customizer by Jan van Nuenen a feminine machine, over-stuffed with the most modern nano-technology, proceeds with her endlessly repeating task.

9. Perpetual Motion in the Land of Milk and Honey | GB | 2004 | 6:10
Realisation: AL + AL
Distribution: Acme Studios

The future we know from SciFi and Orwellian premonitions has become an integral part of our world today. Perpetual Motion in the Land of Milk and Honey by AL + AL delivers the positive proof: we have already arrived in the future.

10. On a Wednesday Night in Tokyo | D | 2004 | 5:40
Realisation & Distribution: Jan Verbeek

A perfunctory activity it would seem is presented in On a Wednesday Night in Tokyo by Jan Verbeek – but in Tokyo it turns into a ritualised magic show, which fascinates the viewer with the question: is it staged or reality?

All films are XVID (not my rip).
Running time 70 min.

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