Book of Ballast by Hans Schabus

Book of Ballast is the work Hans Schabus showed at the International Liverpool Biennial 2006.

Hans Schabus
Born 1970, Watschig, Austria.
Lives and works in Vienna, Austria.

Hans Schabus is obsessed with journeys, and with the spaces through which we make journeys.
He has dug tunnels, recreated mountains, and even sailed a boat through the sewers of Vienna.
He often sends visitors to his exhibitions on intriguing journeys of their own – through basements, corridors, and mazes – and literally rebuilds gallery spaces, forcing us to look more closely at what we often take for granted: the space around us.
In his brilliantly imaginative new work, Schabus explores a mostly forgotten connection between Liverpool and the United States, and takes us on a transatlantic journey with some highly unusual travelling companions.

Find the book at thepiratebay, demonoid or karagarga.

at 1:26 PM