Free Walking & In The Weather publications

This torrent contains publications made by Free Walking(Bonnie Fortune & various contributors) and In The Weather( Melinda Fries, Bonnie Fortune & various contributors). The italic text below is written by the artist's.

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Free Walking is about going on walks, together or alone. It functions as an ongoing project to explore time outside. Like all cultural work it is a form of entertainment. The walks tend to be designed or lead by someone with a local knowledge that they have accumulated either through research or through their day to day experience of a place. At the center of Free Walking activity is Bonnie Fortune. In early 2004, with a group of friends, she initiated conversations about making walks together. The experiences that have come from this have been rewarding ones and have brought us into contact with new friends and new ideas, so we continue or exploration. To read some of the writing from the Free Walking zines section of this website, where we also have PDFs available for download. will continue to develop as a public documentation of walks and projects.

In The Weather, self-guided walking tours.

A map of a walk records the memory of a singular experience. The map provides a route; when directions given by another are followed, the route becomes a path. Walking becomes an exploration of the city at once private and shared.

Melinda Fries and Bonnie Fortune share an interest in exploratory walking and have collaborated as In The Weather since 2004. This year we published In the Weather self-guided walks/Chicago, which includes walking directions by 16 Chicagoans. The booklet is dispensed freely at 10 locations throughout Chicago.

In 2005 we decided to collect walks from around the world, with the In The Weather website being the result. We'd love for you to participate and share the memory of a walk, a favorite walk, or a walk you'd like to take.

I found the publications by Free Walking here, and the publications by In The Weather right here.

A similar project can be found in Denmark, it's called Gå Afstand(walking distance) and can be found here.

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